Pork Chops? It Must Be Tuesday

When I was younger I could always tell what day of the week it was by what food was being served for dinner.  It must be Monday because were were having chicken legs and Rice-A-Roni.  Pork chops?  It's Tuesday.  The beginning of the weekend meant we were having hot ham and cheese sandwiches, made … [Read More...]

YBA cakes box

My Top Tips For Making Cupcakes

  Below are some things that I have picked up while making cupcakes. Recipe books will tell you specifics, these are just my tips - it’s not rocket science and but I hope they help.  The Tips *Cupcakes are not always as straight forward as you think they will be. Yes they are little … [Read More...]


Sunday Spotlight for April 15

I hope you are enjoying the same beautiful weather we are in the Delaware Valley! The girls and I can't get enough of the beautiful sunshine! Today's featured writer is Peggy! Peggy would like to spend every day in her gardens, but has to devote some time to her husband, 2 boys & their beagle … [Read More...]


Condiments, NOT Condoms!

Sometimes I just don't think when I am talking to Paige. She is only 6 but she talks like a teenager already and sometimes it is hard to remember who I am talking to. Sometimes I am also just an idiot and I say words that my kids do not understand and don't even think twice about it. Paige and … [Read More...]

How my Garden Grows

Gardening was one of my mother’s passions. It didn’t start out as one of mine. Pulling weeds was not something I would have put in the “fun” category when I was younger.  Saying the words “I’m bored” in the summer usually landed me in my mom’s rock garden trying to determine what WAS … [Read More...]

Excuse Me, Ma’am, But Your Thong is Showing

Winter is almost over here in NYC and Spring is on the way with all its attendant wacky fashion, and that means I must make my annual plea to women every where. Please, ladies, know when your outfit requires a slip. Please. I know, I know they are simply not fashionable anymore. Slips are just not … [Read More...]

Who You Callin’ Fat?

Stop.  Just stop.  Who cares if she gained 20 pounds or 50 pounds during this pregnancy?  Does her life have any bearing own yours?  Imagine for a minute what it would feel like if thousands of people were calling you fat when you were pregnant.  It sucks, and I know from first hand experience, … [Read More...]

When Holiday Travels Go Wrong

Have you ever had a holiday go drastically wrong? The pickup in the photo to the left is almost identical to mine. A 2002 F150 XLT. The main differences are that mine has a 6' bed instead of 4', has 4x4, and has a bug-shield and window guards. Oh, and yesterday, it was pulled over by the side of the … [Read More...]

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all our wonderful readers from the Off the Deep End Crew! … [Read More...]